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My favorite website! Jika kamu suka banget dengan aksi2 didunia militer beserta senjata2nya, kamu 'wajib kunjungi web ini. Click aja diatas. :)

Hi, internet surfer! My name is Ahmad Juniar Dirgajaya but my family and friends call me Denny or Denny AJD , born in Jakarta june 24 1978. i've been playing drums since 1995, never took any lessons from any music school. I've just learned from CDs, good friends and books. I'm in love with drums since i heard the nastiest band in the world, that is Metallica, with Lars Ulrich on drums.

Okay, here's my bio:
  • Full name,: Ahmad Juniar Dirgajaya (Denny AJD)
  • Place & date of birth: Jakarta, June 24 1978
  • Religion: Islam
  • Last education: STEKPI, keuangan. (Finance)
  • Hobby: Drumming, guns (real guns & replica), Airsoft guns & war, sniping.
  • Favorite food: Spagheti tomato sauce, Sushi & Cheetos.
  • Place that i like: Any cool place such as mountain, beach, shooting range, war field, gun shops!!!
  • Place that i hate: Car workshop, Cafe. (Gee i hate cafes, it's just waste of money) :)
  • Highlights: I don't and never smoke, i'm a Vegetarian and also a semi-Ambidexter. (can write with both hands)

When me and my friends aggree to form a band called Kepang 96, we often participate on a number of band festivals. In that time, Kepang band almost always got the first place for the best band in Jakarta. So am i, best drummer category almost always landed on me (thank God). But the most proud event that i have won (first place) is the Indonesia (Drum) Music Festival '99 as THE BEST DRUMMER OF INDONESIA YEAR '99. The drum fest event was held at JCC and organized by PT. Citra Intirama. Thanx alot for the guys behind that event, it was my first big step in drumming.

Drumming means everything to me, drumming has change my life dramaticaly. Since then, i have a lot new things to do, and it's full of a heck of fun. After six years studying and playing drums, i'm already can teach other people how to play drums correctly (drum teaching). Being a drum teacher is another big experience, not just because the income :), but the feeling to have alot of students really satisfied me so much. Now, i can teach profesionally at Institut Musisi Indonesia (IMI) and i'm so proud to be a part of IMI. Thanx to Inang Noorsaid for asking me to join that cool music school.

Lars Ulrich's playing really have effects on me, mainly his double pedal drumming and power. And after 3 year listening only to Lars, i've discovered a few new influence, They are: Dennis Chambers, Mike Portnoy, Neil Peart, Carter Beauford, Terry Bozzio, Akira Jimbo and Gilang Ramadhan. Maybe you can hear the hearts of the 7 drummer above in my playing. Now, my drumming style is Rock, melodic drumming, funk dan fusion.

Ow, i'm also wrote a drum book with title "Perkenalan, perlengkapan dan permainan drum". But, i'm trully sorry, the book is no longer available in any book store. It's already sold out and will be not re-release. The book really fits for a beginner drummer who really wants to know about drums and for semi professional drummer who wants play more creatively, cause the book filled with valuable information and tips. But, don't get too worry, i've just finished the second book!

Okay, back to drumming again. I think, drum is the most fun instrument to play, it's really easy to start but it's also really hard to mastered. A few words from me, If you wanna be a drummer, be a serious one (don't monkey around with it) and never-ever mix drum & music with drugs. Remember, drugs have only 2 effects on you... be stupid and be dead!!! So, stay away from drugs. :)

The thing that i'm doing now is: Working as drum instructor at Institut Musisi Indonesia, (already) finished and publish the second book (Panduan Praktis Bermain Drum), teach drums at home, doing some clinics with Yamaha drums side by side with Indonesia famous drummers such as Gilang Ramadhan and Hentriessa, write music and doing some gigs with Opera Band.



    Photo Gallery

  1. Behind the drums
  2. While solo
  3. Evan, my nephew
  4. With brothers and sister
  5. With Dini
  6. Dini, again
  7. Dini, again!!!
  8. year '98. Stekpi OSPEK.
  9. Evan, bergaya ala... siapa ya? You'll know!
  10. ID card funky waktu jadi Panitia acara di STEKPI
  11. My hobby, SHOOTING!!!
  12. At "Vietnam"
  13. Sehabis shooting AN teve Prambors Wowmania, 1997 (Live)
  14. After fighting (paint ball games) my ex other hobby
  15. With my friend, Inang Noorsaid... the funkies drummer in Indonesia!
  16. With Akira Jimbo. (he's tall!)
  17. With Gregg Bissonette. (he's a very great person!)

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