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By: Denny AJD

I'm using Yamaha Stage Custom New Advantage series, Yamaha Hardware and the New Yamaha Flying Dragon Double pedal DFP9310.

I have 3 different setups for 3 different purpose. That is, Opera Setup, Clinic setup and Opera Heavy setup. No significant cymbal setup changing, i'm using 9 cymbals including 1 hihat, 2 stack cymbals, 2 chinas, 1 ride dan 3 crashes. But sometimes i'm using 18" light ride on my far left.

Setup detail:
Drums: The setup is loaded with 5 toms, they are 10", 12", 13", 14" suspended floor tom and 16" suspended floor tom. 14" and 10" wood snare. And two 17" x 22" bass drums.
Hardwares: 3 pieces CS945 (cymbal stand), 2 pieces CSAT930 (cymbal attachment), 1 piece DFP9310 (double pedal), 2 pieces FP7210 (single pedal), 2 pieces WS 945 (tom holder with legs) and 3 pieces CH745 (Cymbal holder).
Drumhead: All original Yamaha Drumhead without any muffling including in bass drums.
Finishing: Lacquer Fade Blue Saphire with short lugs. (will available in the market in no time)

Why YAMAHA drums?
I'm using Yamaha drums not just as an Yamaha Endorsee, but because the well known Yamaha drums quality. The truth is, Stage Custom Advantage is a middle class product in Yamaha, but the fact is although is a middle class drums, Yamaha SCA is cost less than other leading middle class brands. The quality and the features that Yamaha SCA had, could beat any professional series drums. I guaranteed that.
With the original Yamaha head made by Remo, the drum sound is so round and the tone is pure. So, these drums is not just playable out of the box, but these drum is ready for any recording sessions OUT OF THE BOX!!!
Tuning range is so wide although the head is single ply, but the durability is outstanding. Bass drum head are using muffling ring, so you don't need any pillow or blanket to muffle this fat one to achieve good sounding bass.

Why YAMAHA hardware?
Yamaha hardwares is famous by it's flexibility, strengh, inovation and offcourse... price. Yamaha hardwares have a highest quality than any drums hardware in it's price range. If you bought 1 expensive cymbal stand you actually can get two or three Yamaha cymbal stands with that expensive pricing. Don't believe me? Check it our for your self. :)
The cymbal stand that i use is very sturdy, that is CS 945. I even could customized my drums to a unique setup by using CSAT930.


For this Opera setup i'm using 13" tom at my left side and is tuned very-very low. Left tom placement let me be more creative while playing a groove or just for fill in.

That's a something unique in my setup, my left bass drum pedal (slave pedal) is sitting on hihat pedal left side. So, the left bass pedal is crossing the hihat pedal. What's up with that and what is the advantage? Or just playin' cool or somethin'? Or just a trademark? 75 points for the last question... And i'm using this setup 2 years before the System of Down's John Dolmayan using this setup also. Now, a lot of drummers using this same setup including my students and Indonesian amazing drummer boy, Demas.

What is the advantages? There's so many, here's the philosophy... For years i felt discomfort with the old traditional slave pedal placement. Because the double pedal using, the hihat position sudently gets further and far away from my reach. And other drummer do something that is ackward. When they need power and control while playing double pedal, they have to move their left feet to the right which is decreasing the foot angle position to reach the slave pedal. But, the natural way to get control and power is to increasing the foot angle just like a Sumo fighter in Japan. There's no way they're standing like a Sissy to win the fight. So i'm thinking that the traditional pedal position is a wrong way.

So, for the comfort, natural position while playing hihats is to thighten your foot angle, just like sitting on front of your computer. So, i'm trying to put the hats in front of me for easy access and can be played with tighter foot position (comfort/relax position). And then, i have a neat idea to swap the hihat and the bass drum pedal position. And named this setup as a "Full Ergonomic".

Not just the foot that felt so relax and comfort, because the hihat is sitting right in my face, i can play it with more control and confidence. I don't need to turn my body slightly to the left side to access the hihat. It's already in front of me!! So, the other advantages with this setup is:
  • Easy hihat access.
  • Double pedal pattern can be played with more power, accuracy and control.
  • Comfort feeling while playing hihat.
  • Left side of the pedals is empty so you can put anything or everything there. (look at the clinic setup)
  • There's alot of possibilities that can be played with this position.
  • Secondary snare position (10" snare) can be putted so close to the 14" snare. You can see other drummer with traditional position put their secondary snare far-far away from the main snare, including Dave Weckl.

There's nothing to loose to try this "Full Ergonomic" setup, just try it. But this setup can be achieved only with moveable hihat stand legs.


Beetween Opera and the clinic setup only have different in pedal usage. 13" tom placed by 6" & 8" tymbalist. Clinic setup using at least 5 pedals, 2 more pedal using jamblock and tambourine. Actually i need another 2 pedals for remote hihat and secondary bass drum. Automatically the 10" and the 12" tom are tuned spesifically to fit the tymbalist pitch.


This heavy setup is armed with 2 huge 22" bass drums. Because the usage of 2 bass drums, the bass drum rolls had more body and attack. But there's a disadvatage like the lack of hihat placemant, so i need a remote hihat. This setup is needed when i need more fire power when i want to.


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