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Denny AJD mendapat sambutan luar biasa di YouTube.com

Tidak disangka ternyata response drummer dunia terhadap drummer lokal Indonesia sangat memuaskan. Video yang di posting di YouTube.com adalah potongan dari performance Denny AJD di acara Tommy Aldridge Asian Clinic Tour.

Di YouTube.com sendiri hanya di posting 4 short video klip yang masing2 mempunyai title yang berbeda. Tapi semua diluar dugaan, ternyata sambutan dari drummer luar negeri seperti US, UK, Europe Asia hingga Mexico sangat menyenangkan. Buktinya adalah komentar jujur mereka setelah menonton klip ini. Dan berbuntut dengan membanjirnya permintaan versi DVD (versi komplit) itu untuk dikirim ke negara mereka. Mereka pun sangat antusias hingga rela mengirimkan uang untuk mengganti biaya pengiriman yang cukup mahal.

Ini adalah gabungan komentar2 yang diisi oleh para drummer dunia dengan apa adanya, tidak ada yang di kurangi atau dilebih-lebihkan:

thebugsarebad (2 months ago)
VERY nicely done

bozziofan01 (2 months ago)
shit ur freackin amazing

nRn (2 months ago)
MFG! Very Nice

tayeguy (2 months ago)
Nice work Denny

Wecklpolyrhythem185 (2 months ago)
Denny, great display of cordination and precision

solheimen (2 months ago)
great!! nice, enjoyed it.. try to be just a tiny bit more precise! otherwise, good:)
Apoktite (2 months ago)
nice cordination. Id like to see you in person. lol

bozziofan01 (2 months ago)
holy crapppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp that was amazing dude i love it

podscn (1 month ago)
so slick. bigtime kudos man.

LukieWukie (3 weeks ago)
Niice ,10/10 for coordination!

morphuze (3 weeks ago)
it sounds like polymetric to me, not polyrhythmic..

ClimaxCorpse (2 weeks ago)
You're a big inspiration.

limaribudollar (3 months ago)
Master of Ostinatos! hehehe gak tahan gw ngeliat kaki kirinya... keren abies...

Elliminatorz (3 months ago)
You rules Denny! I think you're up there with Bozzio and Grand Collins. Keep up the good work mate, hoping to see in aussie

SabianAxis (2 months ago)
That was amazing! Seriously awesome work man, keep it up! I loved that Ostinato!

oldskooljay (2 months ago)
Thanks for writing man. Excellent Stuff Man. Hopefully Il be seeing you real soon. Take care man

puptentacle (2 months ago)
Yeah! Now THAT is what I'm talking about! That left foot work is SCHWEET! Now, do it again, shoot it from the other side so I can see WTF you are doing!

Wecklpolyrhythem185 (2 months ago)
Thanks for writing, That was a kick ass display of Ostinotos. The bottom and top were consistant throughout the duration. I look forward to the next vid. Have a Good One

Wecklpolyrhythem185 (2 months ago)
Thanks for writing, That was a kick ass display of control. Ostinatos tom ad bottom through 3 time signatures I look forward to the next vid.

tabla1 (2 months ago)
kyabatae... great control with the feet!

GiulianoKolling (2 months ago)
Just great!!!!Keep it up buddy!!!You have a lot of control with feet and hands!!!Gongratulations!!

ClimaxCorpse (2 months ago)
Sounds awesome! Did I hear some Neil Peart in there? (The section in the middle kinda sounds like the XYZ solo)

Ben55607 (2 months ago)
u dnt need 'great musicians to comment you' you are a gr8 musician m8! u comment us novices!! gr8 stuff, very rhythmic improv, v.gd! keep it up! drop me a comment if u av a chance :)

Buttplugbetty (2 months ago)
well since u asked u r alot older and prolly have a lot more expierience but if u value my opinion then. well that was a very different stlye of drumming but as i always say its about the drumming not the music. u have insane cordination and good speed but the only flaw i saw was lack of variety. you know a lil more this abit more that and less this. AWESOME job tho

Ghostrider2003 (2 months ago)
I'd say you need more variety, right from the start. I think it was repetitive for too long. The ending was far more interesting. Also maybe if you played a little known drum part that would get people more fired up. Anyway keep up the good work, you're good and have full potential to be great.

krychamin (2 months ago)
very nice, how did you get the cool ambience? was it effects or strange tuning? keep it up dude

krychamin (2 months ago)
what rudiments were you using at the very end? the very last part it speeds up

RVdrummerboy (2 months ago)
kool i like when u use all the pedals like u must have some percusion on pedals 2 coz like u keep ur foot miving from pedal 2 pedal kool bye

solheimen (2 months ago)
great denny! cool what you did with the pedals, and speeding it up towards the end!

CsoilworkC (2 months ago)
really solid drummer,its hard to control everything ur doing all at once

madbobbannon (2 months ago)
Thats pretty good. In my humble opinion I would like to see a double bass solo. I kknow its not that style but its very common for a drummer to finish up a solo with bls bass speed and rudiments. Dave weckl,and steve smith did this, and I think it adds alot to a solo. Plus it woos the audience cause most of them dont know "how he is going so fast"

ricthetapir (1 month ago)
man, i saw this again for inspiration it worked very kick ass solo, i probably already said this

bobwhang (1 month ago)
official, new ostinato king.

jr8ic (1 month ago)
yeah, this beats rocks! i was in the 01:51 and my eyes cannot believe what i saw.

very very good, how can you cordinate all of these stuff?
LukieWukie (3 weeks ago) Two hands applauding like mad,that was crazy,I can't remember the last time a video made me say "holy sh**" so much!!

solheimen (2 months ago)
yesyes, good:) really headbanger material!! :)

CsoilworkC (2 months ago)
that was really really good. nice rolls, really fast, and kept a cool beat with ur left on the hi hat

jr8ic (1 month ago)
heck you're damn good, i want to be like you someday!

LukieWukie (3 weeks ago)
Loved the groove at the beggining,the end was a bit strange but I can see that you've got skills (nice high hat at the beggining too ;) )


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